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6 Easy Ways to Play Deal or No Deal Games Online

by Braylon Wells

If you want to play a casino game that will not raise your tension yet give you the exact entertainment of a live casino game, then Deal or No Deal can be your favourite game. There is a history behind the popularity of this game. The game started getting famous in 2015 when a popular TV channel hosted a game named “Deal Ya No Deal”. The Indian Casino Industry later adopted the concept, and with live-streaming technology, they started letting people participate in the deal or no deal game.

Gaming Rules of Deal Or No Deal

Many online casinos like fairplay host live Deal Or No Deal games, where participants can play and win big. There are two rounds: the qualification round and the briefcases round. The qualification round depends on a wheel spinning. You will win if the spinning arrow land in three golden sections within a marked area.

Now spinning of the wheel depends on the selection of the participant. Three modes are available in the game: Very Easy, Easy and Normal.

Very Easy Mode- Here, the prize of winning is nine times more than your initial betting, which can secure two sections among the selected three.

Easy Mode- In Easy mode, the price will be three times equal to your initial betting, which will lock one section from the selected three.

Normal Mode- Here, the spin only holds the face value. No particular advantages are provided in this mode.

Now, if you qualify in this initial level round, you will be able to play the rest of the game, where you will have to choose the legendary briefcases. Each briefcase has a particular redecided ratio of payouts. Now depending on the dealer, the amount can be increased or decreased. The game can be played on both the PC and Mobile, but make sure your mobile is developed in HTML5.

According to the experts, even though a deal or no deal game falls under slot games, you can still make out of it depending on the strategy. Here we have described six ways to play and win the game on an online casino site.

Six Ways to Play Deal or No Deal-

Now because we are talking about the online live casinos that offer a deal or no deal game, the method is a little different for approaching.

  • Look For a Reliable Casino Platform- You first have to find a trustworthy virtual casino that hosts both live and offline deals or no-deal games. For example- with the fairplay mobile app, you can practice and play the game. They also host a real game which will let you win real money.
  • Learn the Rules and Strategy- Though many people things the game is based on luck and you have to make a wild guess, in reality, the game follows a simple calculation. First, learn how to get qualified and then focus on the briefcases. Once you understand the process, your next strategy will work automatically. Odds also play a crucial role in every casino game. Suppose you want to calculate your win and loss; learn the odds first and then participate in the game.
  • Memorized the Briefcases rank- Once you enter the game, there is no return, so ensure you have learned the ranks properly.
  • Bet in limits- Deal or No Deal can offer you a lot of money, and according to the tendency of casino games, the more you increase your betting money, the higher your chances of winning or losing. But if you want to play till the last, keep the betting amount lower in the initial period.
  • Boost the Value of The Briefcases- The game will offer you a chance to boost the value of the briefcases. The banker offers the deal depending on the value of the briefcases. But make sure to act smart while choosing the banker’s offer. Generally, a banker doubles the value of your bet and offers it to you. If you get the offers you expect, do not think twice about taking the offer.
  • Choose 3 to 4 briefcases at Once- Choosing more than two briefcases can increase the value and help you meet your expectations as early as possible. But do not rush because you will need time to understand the dealer’s strategy.

Final Words-

Generally, if you play a normal deal or no deal game, it will give you a fair chance to win or lose a little. But remember, a live casino-like fairplay will give you extraordinary opportunities to win big. And if you play it without emotion, you can be a winner in no time.

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